Our Roots

  We are an all-natural body butter company that strives to cater to all skin. 

   Our products are made with quality natural and organic oils and butters. Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, and Almond oil. Our special blend promotes numerous benefits and properties for the skin such as moisturizing, healing, and conditioning.

Each scent is created with a special blend of essential oils. A select few are infused in tea and or dried herbs for an extra boost of benefits and care for your skin.



I am Nicole Robinson, the founder and CEO of Shea'd LLC. 

            Home of Shea'd Natural Body Butter.

Since birth, I am no stranger to the struggles one can go through when battling eczema and sensitive skin. I was always limited to what lotions and soaps I could use. Anything could cause a breakout, which is when a rash/hives appear wherever my skin was exposed to direct sunlight and heat. The area would become dry and extremely itchy. At a young age, I would scratch until I broke the skin and that only made things worst.

My kryptonite has always been the Summer and the Winter. The summertime is when I would have the worst breakouts, and the Winter my skin dries out creating dry patches in the most random places. My trip to Mexico in the Summer of 2015, to this date, was when I experienced the worst breakout ever. I feared I'd never go on another beach trip again.

I have tried just about everything you could think of to prevent the breakouts all together or at least help to ease and heal the breakouts. From Over-the-Counter products to prescription creams. (Preventing the breakouts all together is a whole other story and possibly another product to share.) The products and creams became costly overtime or altogether stop working. I soon became concerned about the chemicals these products contained and how using them long-term could affect my skin. This leads me to think back prior to modern and western medicine what did the people who lived from the Earth use to heal wounds or treat their skin? What did our ancestors use to heal ailments? 

These questions are how Shea'd Natural Body Butters was born. I read more on natural remedies and researched more about eczema and how to treat it. I came to the conclusion that our blend of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Almond oil whipped to perfection was the best remedy for my breakouts and skin protection altogether. Using Shea'd Body Butters on a regular basis you will see changes in our skin. Your skin will be moisturized, soft, and left with a non-greasy glow. You will Shine in Shea'd!

The feedback and support we have been receiving continue to motivate us to create and provide quality products to you all. In the near future, we hope to release our line of Body Yogurts, Soaps, Scrubs, and more.

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